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Give people a dedicated platform to purchase your products - and keep the rest of your social channels sales-free to just be you!

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We created a video- only marketplace where you can share cool brand related content that your fans actually want to see!

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Watch the hottest brands tell the stories of their latest designs and find out what the coolest bloggers are selling—all through personal, fun and creative full screen vertical videos. Simply swipe and follow your favourite sellers and buy what you like!

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Have something to sell? Simply upload a short video that shows what you’ve got and publish it to millions of people internationally. Interact with a community of likeminded YEAYbies, who will love your stuff just as much as you do!

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Follow a combination of brands, designers, independent sellers and stores, and enjoy what they have to offer. Have something to sell, simply create your own sales channel and start selling anything you want!