YEAY is a pioneering addition to the digital space, who's goal is to provide a seamless bridge between the mobile entertainment and e-commerce industries. With this simple tool, established and independent brands from across the world as well as individual private sellers are imaginatively able to extend their online presence in a way that reflects who they really are - giving them a chance to develop direct relationships with their customers.

For Buyers

How do I buy something on YEAY?

Browse through your video feed or use the search bar to find your favourite products. After tapping on the "Buy" button, indicate your preferred quantity and product variation. Then, enter or edit your delivery address. Choose your shipping option, and leave a message to the seller if you have specific details to include.

How can I log in to YEAY?

If you already have a YEAY account, simply log in using the email address and password you used to register. If you do not have a YEAY account, registering is easy and quick! You can either use your existing Facebook account or sign up using your email address. You will need to verify your email address before you can choose your username and password.


Payments are processed through PayPal only. (More coming soon)

When and how can I apply for a return?

We strongly encourage you to communicate with your seller before applying for a return. YEAY holds no liability for the handling of each transaction.

What are the conditions for a return?

You can apply for a return with the following reasons: I did not receive the product(s). I received the wrong product(s) (e.g. wrong size, wrong colour, different product). I received damaged/faulty product(s).

What happens if I do not receive my order? Can I ask for a refund?

If you have not received an order in the agreed delivery time, please first contact the seller. If the problem is still unresolved, send an email to support@yeay.tv and we will endeavour to investigate your case as soon as possible.

How do I follow or unfollow someone?

Follow someone by tapping on the 'follow' button underneath their user avatar. Similarly, to unfollow someone simply hit the 'unfollow' button.

For Sellers


For the first 3 months, YEAY will not be charging sellers for using the platform. After this three month free period, a certain percentage will be taken in commission (beginning October 2016). For more details on the commission rates, please contact us on at coop@yeay.tv.

How do I start selling on YEAY?

To start selling on YEAY is extremely simple. When you have something you’d like to sell, click on the + icon in the toolbar. You can select either ‘shoot’ or ‘upload’ to add your video. Fill in the product details such as Category, Price, Stock, Variations, & Shipping Fee. Don’t forget to add hashtags to your product! Tap 'Submit to YEAY' and your product is now listed!

What should I include in my product description?

The more details you put in your product description, the more likely a buyer is to purchase your product! In fact, we have observed that products with good descriptions tend to sell faster than those with no descriptions or few details.

How do I share my product listing on social media?

Go to your product page and tap the "Share" icon. Choose your favourite social media platforms and tap on “Share".

What are Shipping fees?

Shipping fees are the costs of sending your product to the buyer. You can indicate shipping fees for each shipping option you have enabled. Upon checkout, the shipping fees of the selected shipping option will be added to the price of the product.

How should I pack my shipment?

Proper product packaging is important to ensure that your package is delivered smoothly. Check out the packaging tips below.

Wrap ceramics, glass and other fragile products using protective materials like bubble wrap.  Label fragile products clearly on the parcel. Fill up the empty space in the carton boxes with balled up newspaper or other materials. Place the products in an upright position in the box before sealing the package. Wrap all products from the same order in a single package.  Encase stacked packages in a large carton box and fill up any empty space in between.  Place clothing in plastic bags before putting into a carton box. In case of damaged goods upon delivery and related claims, photo/video proof that all the guidelines above have been followed will help expedite the investigation process.  Below are additional tips to ensure that your shipment would most likely be delivered in its original conditions. 

(i) Packaging Quality
Cardboard is usually a good option especially for products below 10 kg. For heavy and fragile products, consider using a crate to avoid potential damage.  Securely wrap your product in packing material such as bubble wrap and adequate inner-filling material (e.g. foam wrap, foam peanuts, crumpled paper, corrugated inserts) to avoid movement of the products inside the box.

(ii) Quality of Seal
Ensure that you seal all edges and/or openings of the packages properly (H-shape taping helps for maximum strength). Seal shall be non-reusable and shall leave marks on the package after it is peeled off. For high-value products, attach a security seal marking e.g. “Refuse to accept if broken” on all edges and/or openings. 

(iii) Special Remarks
For special products, use special labels which are eye-catching and easily visible e.g. This side up, Fragile, Keep Dry. 

(iv) Shipping Label
When using YEAY Supported Logistics, please make sure to do either of the following:

1) Write your order tracking number and your YEAY Username clearly on the parcel

2) Print the airway bill from our seller centre tool
Once seller scheduled pick-up, he can print the airway bill by clicking on “Print Waybill” from seller centre tool.