YEAY is a pioneering addition to the digital space,

who's goal is to provide a seamless bridge between the mobile entertainment and e-commerce industries. With this simple tool, established and independent brands from across the world as well as individual private sellers are imaginatively able to extend their online presence in a way that reflects who they really are - giving them a chance to develop direct relationships with their customers.

How do I create a video?

Simply open the app and tap the “+” in the upper left corner. From there, film your video, add music and filters, and publish!

Can I use my own video creator?

Definitely. You can use the in-app videomaker, or you can create your own videos with your preferred filming and editing tools. If you create your video outside the app, you can still use the editing tools within the app and add music from YEAY.

Can I use music from outside the app?

For your video, you can only use the music in the YEAY app or music you own the copyrights for. Videos featuring other copyrighted music will be rejected. You can find the YEAY-approved music in the video maker in the YEAY app.

What is the time limit for videos?

Videos can be a maximum of 90 seconds. There is no minimum, however, we recommend at least ten seconds to get the most from your video.

WOM Tokens

WOM Tokens are a crypto token used by the WOM Protocol to reward word-of-mouth recommendations. These Tokens can soon be earned on the YEAY app and any other app that supports the WOM Protocol.

What’s the difference between YEAY points and WOM Tokens?

YEAY points are the precursor to WOM Tokens. While the WOM Token is under development, you can earn YEAY points in the YEAY app. Then, later in 2019 when the WOM Token is adopted by the YEAY app, you can start earning WOM Tokens and your previous YEAY points will be converted to WOM Tokens.

How do YEAY points work?

The YEAY points are here to give back some love to our users. The rule is simple: the more you use the app the more points you get. We reward you for a bunch of activities, but the most valuable one is to create videos yourself. For every video you create and is approved by our team you get 100 YEAY points! So, take your phone and share with the community your favorite fashion and looks. The more users engage with your content the more points you will get.

What are YEAY points worth?

1000 YEAY points = 1 EUR. Your YEAY points can be redeemed for cool stuff in the YEAY app.

What are WOM Tokens worth?

The value of WOM Tokens varies by the demand and use of the Token and will fluctuate. As more honest word-of-mouth recommendations are created and more brands purchase WOM Tokens to benefit from these recommendations, the value of WOM Tokens can increase.

What can I do with WOM Tokens?

You can use WOM Tokens to get cool stuff in the YEAY app. You can also exchange your WOM Tokens for other currencies on participating 3rd-party exchanges. On these exchanges and anywhere outside the YEAY app, 3rd-party restrictions may apply.


How is my content rated?

Content curators identify valuable word-of-mouth content on the YEAY app. They receive notifications as new content is published and are rewarded for their evaluations. Check out the WOM Protocol whitepaper for more on curators.

How long does it take to curate my video?

Most videos are curated within 24-hours, and the exact curation time depends on current volume of videos being uploaded.

How do I become a curator?

To become a curator, contact [email protected] and include your YEAY username.