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Introducing WOM

YEAY is teaming up with WOM to reward you for your awesome product recommendations. Soon you’ll be able to start earning WOM Tokens when you create content on the app.

WOM Tokens are a brand new kind of cryptocurrency designed to reward word-of-mouth recommendations. You can use WOM Tokens to get cool stuff or turn them into cash.*

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What is WOM?

WOM stands for word of mouth, which happens every time you tell your friends and family about something new you that you’ve experienced or bought.

Your word-of-mouth recommendations are super valuable to brands, which is why you should be rewarded every time you recommend something.

On the YEAY app you will be able to earn WOM Tokens for your word-of-mouth recommendation videos.

Use your WOM Tokens to get cool stuff.

How do I earn WOM Tokens?

Create an honest recommendation video about something you love.

Curators rate your video according to its creativity, honesty and the desire it sparks for that thing you love.

Earn WOM Tokens as people interact with your video.

The YEAY app already rewards you with YEAY Points which will all be converted into tokens when WOM launches.

*Third-party restrictions may apply.