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In a world of fake news YEAY is a space you can trust for product reviews and recommendations. That’s why we teamed up with WOM. Using their blockchain technology we’ve created a community for people to share honest recommendation videos with one another about the lifestyle products, services and experiences they love. Those videos get quality-checked by other members of the community to keep the whole thing honest– and everyone, from the people who create the content, to the people who rate it, gets rewarded for their value.


Melanie Mohr
CEO & Founder
Kevin Liebigt
Head of Design
Chris Hardaker
Jeremy Lindström
Head of Operations
Antonia Kallenbach
Finance & HR
Francis West
Vivienne Rudcenko-Zwerenz
Communication Manager & Storyteller
Artem Kazakov
Senior Technical Project Manager
Alexander Yasko
Lead Software Engineer
Diego Villela Prado
Senior App Developer
Rodrigo Schaefer
Senior App Developer
Thiago Meurer
Head of DevOps