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Boost Shopify sales with authentic product recommendations

Invite your most enthusiastic customers to record product recommendations to feature on your Shopify store and other channels using our brand new online tools.

Discover our online tools for Shopify

Record and display recommendations

Empower customers to record recommendations for products they purchase and love using our free Web Recorder and display these and other recommendations for your products on your Shopify product pages using our Web Viewer.

Manage your user-generated content

Take control of the product recommendation videos you feature and promote on Shopify using the WOM Campaign Manager and gain access to other channels, such as the YEAY app, where you can use existing reviews to convert new customers.

Turn loyal
customers into
brand ambassadors

Reward Shopify customers with WOM Tokens based on the ability of their recommendation content to attract and convert new customers.

Install the YEAY Video Reviews app for Shopify for free today