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What is YEAY?

The YEAY app is your place to share recommendations about products you love, while earning WOM Token rewards! 

Are you the go-to style source for your friends and followers? Do you love offering advice about the best gaming accessories and other tech products? Are your skincare secrets too good to keep to yourself? YEAY is the place to tell people about all your favorite products and services, whatever they might be, by creating short recommendation videos. We’ve also teamed up with WOM to reward you when you create content on the app.

How do you pronounce YEAY? Is it YEY or YAY?

It’s YAY! Super easy! Like a good feeling you have! 

How do I create a video?

You can record product recommendation videos directly via the YEAY app by tapping on the camera icon and recording whenever you are ready. Here are some tips to consider before you start:

Tip #1 — Quality Lighting

Even if you think the lighting is reasonable while you are filming your recommendation, make sure you play it back to see whether the video appears darker than you expected. People need to clearly see the product and the more natural light you can use the better, so filming directly by a window or outside on a bright day definitely helps, although filming outside can come with its own challenges, especially if it’s a noisy or busy location.

An easy way around this is to invest in a good ring light for filming somewhere quiet indoors. We often get recommendations for ring lights used by influencers themselves on the YEAY app and here are some preferred options to suit different budgets:

@keemokazi uses the Ring Light by OEBLD

@julianbarboza uses the Neewer Ring Light

Tip #2 — Clear Product Focus

Make sure you only feature one product per recommendation and ensure the recommended product is clearly visible and in focus. If it’s something wearable such as anything cosmetic, or an item of clothing or a pair of shoes, then your recommendation will be more impactful if you demonstrate how the item looks on you. If it’s a piece of technology or a gadget then demonstrate how it works. Show the product from different angles to give a good sense of it and if you want to give viewers a close-up of the product to clearly show the name or ingredients then make sure that you hold the product steadily and give the camera time to come into focus, otherwise your viewers will only see a blurry shot — always watch it back to see what your viewers will see before submitting.

Tip #3 — Good Audio

Give viewers a good understanding of the product by explaining what it is, how to use it (or simply show it in use) and list all of the reasons why you recommend it, how it benefits you personally, and why you choose it over competitor alternatives. Again it’s important to play back once you’ve recorded the recommendation to make sure you can hear the audio. You might find that your location has too many distracting background noises such as cars or people, and you’ll want to refilm somewhere quieter. Or you might find you can’t really hear yourself speaking and you need to speak louder or hold your phone a little closer to pick up your voice more clearly.

The following video from successful influencers on the YEAY app provides further advice about creating quality content to ensure good ratings and better earning potential:

Once you have filmed your video the app will prompt you to add:

Finally you can either upload the video directly to the YEAY app for the community to see, or you can choose to additionally submit your video for a peer-review process by our community of Authenticators for the chance to start earning WOM Token rewards.

What length is a good product recommendation video?

We typically recommend videos between 20-60 seconds. There is no minimum; however, we recommend at least ten seconds to get the most from your video.

Can I use music in my video?

Yes, you can use music in your video, but make sure you own the copyrights. If your video features other copyrighted music then it will be rejected.

Are YEAY videos reviewed?

Yes, every video uploaded to YEAY goes through a manual review process to ensure that it does not violate YEAY’s Terms of Service. 

Additionally, you can choose to submit your video for a peer-review process by Authenticators to earn WOM Token rewards.

How do I submit my video to earn rewards?

Once you have recorded your video and added a title, tags, and featured product and brand, you will be invited to simply upload your video to YEAY or submit your video for peer review by a community of Authenticators.

In order to submit your video for peer review, you will need to first create a Wallet – this is where you will be able to collect and store your WOM Token rewards. It is also required so that you can put a small deposit down, which is called a stake, every time you submit a new video. This is effectively you paying for the Authenticators to do their thing. If they rate your recommendation poorly, you forfeit your stake. If you pass the process, your stake controls your ongoing earning potential.

How do I create a Wallet?

You only need to create a Wallet once, and you will be prompted to follow instructions via the app once you choose to submit your first video for peer review. 

You’ll be asked to secure your Wallet using a Biometric or PIN-Code. Biometric security requires a fingerprint, which you will already need to set up on your mobile device (go to ‘Settings > Security’). Alternatively you can create a four digit PIN-Code.

And that’s it. Once your Wallet has been set up you will automatically receive 10x free stakes to help you start submitting videos to the Authenticators to start earning you rewards.

What happens once I submit a video for Authentication?

Before any content can start earning WOM Tokens it must first be approved by WOM Authenticators via the WOM Authenticator app. They rate each recommendation on three metrics:

Providing the authenticators reach a consensus and agree that a recommendation feels genuine, demonstrates that effort was put into the making of the content, and shows that the creator actually likes the product, then the content can start earning based on its engagement. Those authenticators who successfully reached the consensus over the recommendation (rather than giving the content a wildly different rating to everyone else) can also start earning based on the content’s performance.

How much will I earn for my video?

How much you earn is based on diverse factors, but the best way to increase your earnings is to focus on creating quality videos.

The main factors that influence how much you earn include:

The value of the WOM Tokens you earn varies by the demand and use of the Token. As more honest recommendations are created and more brands purchase WOM Tokens to benefit from these recommendations, the value of WOM Tokens can increase. That means that the WOM Tokens you earn could rise in value and be worth more in dollars tomorrow than they are today.

How will I be rewarded for my video?

We’ve teamed up with the WOM Protocol to reward your product recommendations with WOM Tokens. These are a crypto token that rewards honest word-of-mouth recommendations. You can find out more about WOM Tokens here.

You can choose to keep hold of your WOM Tokens in your wallet in case they rise in value, or you can simply withdraw your WOM Tokens to your personal crypto wallet and exchange your WOM Tokens for other currencies on participating 3rd-party exchanges. On these exchanges and anywhere outside the YEAY app, 3rd-party restrictions may apply. You can also use your WOM Tokens to purchase digital Gift Cards, as well as digital cash cards directly through the YEAY app.

The Gift Cards can instantly be redeemed across a growing number of popular services and brands, including the App Store & iTunes, as well as more than 2,500 brands. Currently Gift Cards are redeemable in US Dollars and Euros and the available cards automatically adapt to the country specified by a user’s locale. WOM Tokens can also now be used to purchase digital Visa/Mastercards which makes it possible to buy products in physical stores.

To see how many WOM Token rewards you have earned you simply need to go to your YEAY Profile then click on your Wallet. From here you will have the option to click on Gift Cards and you will see all of the available options to choose from. Once you get a Gift Card it will show up in My Gift Cards, and if you click on it, it will show the details. So when you are in a store you can use the code directly to make a purchase.

How long will it take to start earning rewards?

Most videos are authenticated within 12 hours after being submitted, and the exact authentication time depends on current volume of videos being uploaded. In this time the community on the WOM Authenticator App has the chance to rate your video, looking at how honest, creative and positive it is. If your video passes this review, you will see your rewards start coming in. How many rewards you earn depend on how people engage with your content as well as the rating your video received.

So make sure you keep coming back to the app to see how your video is doing! And be sure you have a Wallet set up to get started (see above).

How does the WOM Authenticator app work?

The WOM Authenticator app also allows people to earn rewards, simply by rating content! Anyone can choose to become a WOM Authenticator, and just like creators on YEAY, they also need to stake tokens to guarantee that they will rate content in an honest way. They rate videos for:

For more information or to become a WOM Authenticator and earn even more WOM Token rewards visit:

How do I become an Authenticator?

To become an Authenticator, download the WOM Authenticator app on iOS or Android.

What does it mean to be verified on YEAY?

Influencers can get a verified account on YEAY. Verified creators have the ability to create a Team, which they can then invite followers to join. When a follower joins as a team member and also creates videos, the team leader (influencer) earns even more rewards. The followers also have the chance to earn more rewards as their content will gain added visibility by being part of the team. The team feature is exclusive and only available for verified creators. To get verified, please contact us through our Help Desk.

If you have any other questions or need support please contact our team via the Help Desk